Worldwide Leader in Forging, Tunneling & Drilling
The first company of the Group, it was founded as a manufacturer of cutting tools almost 50 years ago, it grows and evolves, expanding its presence in various sectors.
An international leader in the Cutter segment, it offers a complete range of products for all ground conditions and drilling applications, expanding its range also in the construction of complete machines and tailor-made designs for special projects.Professionalism, timeliness and experience have always made Palmieri Spa a brand who is able to satisfy any request through an efficient and timely after-sales service.

Founded in 1908 as a manufacturer of equipment for the Agricultural sector, over time it has diversified its production on many hot-pressed steel parts; today it is capable of supplying both the semi-finished and the finished products, it is aimed to a wide market for the most diverse sectors of use including power transmission, lifting, mining, oil & gas, petrochemical and railway parts sectors.Its production capacity, the efficiency of a dedicated engineering and design department and the high quality of raw materials are the excellences for which the Palmieri Tools Forging represents the most reliable partner for some of the most important International Industrial Groups.