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The contemporary awareness of all environmental issues made this business sector one that is strategically fundamental for development and innovation.

The skills acquired through the years allow the Palmieri Group to oversee this business sector with the design and implementation of cutting-edge solutions for the crushing and processing of wastes of all types and characteristics. Its technological know-how allows the Group to engineer technical components and special systems for the creation of high-productivity machines, even on a customized design base.

Discover Palmieri Advanced Splitting System


After twenty years of presence in the Recycling business, with PASSTM, the Palmieri Group launches a new challenge and enters into the world of renewable energy, a booming sector, thanks to the global need to recycle and transform waste into energy and in new raw material, in order to preserve and improve the environment.

PASSTM pre-shreds, removes iron and separates the solid parts from the FORSU producing a mashed bio-waste which, fed into bio-digesters will be used for the production of bio-gas. Thanks to constant research and commitment, the Palmieri Group has designed and built, entirely in house, a state-of-the-art system, which delivers plant managers with greater productivity and versatility during the waste pre-treatment process.




PASSTM is three machines in one: Pre-shredder, iron remover and Squeezer, modular with each other.


PASSTM is a system that optimizes the spaces and the positions of the operators.


PASSTM is produced with the best steels and electrical components, which effectively preserve it from corrosion.

Easy maintenance

PASSTM is easy to access and allows a quick replacement of tools and wear parts.


  • PASSTM is fed from above through various load devices. The waste enters a Pre-shredder Module, which is a slow shredder that, thanks
    to its adjustability, is able to treat waste of various sizes and composition.
  • Subsequently, the Iron remover Module, consisting of a magnetic drum, separates the ferromagnetic and the non-magnetic materials. The ferrous bodies, which could damage the machine, are expelled through a slide outside it.
  • The material cleaned up by the iron enters a hopper, which feeds the squeezing group through a screw, to obtain a mashed bio-waste, further separating the solid waste still present inside it.