Worldwide leader in Forging , Tunnelling & Drilling


Palmieri takes advantage from the most advanced production means and technologies, all duly certified, constantly monitored and improved to ensure the highest possible performances when it comes to both life and productivity. Our strong will to innovating our products is what always made Palmieri a distinctive choice on the market; as we are used to offering our clients a wide range of special custom-made solutions such as plain high strenght treated steel tools, sophisticated wear proof hard facing methods, special tailor made coatings especially conceived and developed to suit particular applications on request and a very large selection of high quality Tungsten Carbide grades. One of Palmieri’s biggest strength is its ability to design and engineer special systems by developing dedicated tools to solve specific problems and increase machinery’s productivity, improve suitability of tools on a given equipment and, last but not least, provide all on a “custom-design” base.