Worldwide leader in Forging , Tunnelling & Drilling


Tunnelling for road, railways, sewer and storm water infrastructures, hard rock and coal mining, foundation drills and raise boring. These are just some of the areas where Palmieri organisation have become successful with the involvement of our custom designed and wholly in house products to the complete satisfaction of some of the most respected Contractors world wide. From the beginning in the early ’70s with limited activities Palmieri was able to surpass many difficulties with over riding courage and determination leading to quality and innovative products. Initially as a manufacturer and supplier of spare parts, Silvano Palmieri was determined to have his Company become an international leader in Products designed and manufactured wholly in-house. 


The result of the continued efforts have culminated in major equipment manufactures stipulating and incorporating Palmieri components in their new products. In 1987 further expansion resulted in the investment in a specialist forging and mechanical factory. The new company provides over 50 years experience in hot steel transformations and is capable of forging over 1000 T of blank steel per month. Now, with the latest investments the factory – Canevaccia – includes 10.000 sq meters inside area plus 200.000 sq meters outside area thus providing space for the largest production capability and the huge stock.

Production & Warehouse

Cnc-01Palmieri’s determination to achieve the diverse requirements of clients world-wide is parallel with its advancing technological resources. The use of CAD/CAM and CNC for design planning and precision machining are demonstrations of Palmieri ‘ s commitment of extremely high quality and efficient work practices. Palmieri uses only the finest European steel, robotic material handling systems and ultra modern CNC (computer numerical controlled) milling machines. Now the Company is one of the world leader in the production capabilities and its successful compact image is built wholly on it’s abilities to provide a quality product with delivery times that are amongst the fastest in the industry and on our back up service and support to anywhere in the world.


Manufacturing and quality

Thanks to its internal Reaserch and Development, also from a production means point of view, PALMIERI SPA is able to meet any type of clients’ requests. The wide adoption of top notch systems enables us to guarantee the highest flexibility and accuracy in the industry, thus speeding up manufacturing processes for both small and large production lots. All manufacturing phases are fully and strictly monitored by our specialized personnel, from the raw material procurement to the final product shipment, that’s why all Palmieri products are fully certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 since 2001.